Plans And Programmes

Considering the importance of irrigation in the improvement of the State's economy through agricultural activities, it is felt necessary that priority is given to the irrigation sector. In the past years, due to the very less budget allocations, the development of Irrigation in the State has been going at a very slow pace and till date, only about 13.40 % of the identified irrigation potential has been covered.

In view of the very large part of the identified irrigation potential of the state still left to be covered, priority is given to the construction of more Minor Irrigation projects for creating additional irrigation potential.Thus, with the sanction of new A.I.B.P. schemes during 2008-2009, more areas are expected to be covered, thereby, increasing the irrigation potential.

However, the State Government vide Notification NumberCA.24/2009/25 dated the 25th August 2009 has created a new Directorate of Water Resources which will encompass the current functions of the Irrigation Directorate of the Department of Agriculture along with the added responsibility of implementing Medium Irrigation Projects and Flood Control and River Training Works for rural and agricultural lands excluding the flood protection works for urban areas, roads and bridges which shall continue to be with the P.W.D.. Further, this Directorate shall also coordinate with other State Departments for the assessment, management, conservation and utilization of Water Resources.

A participatory approach for implementation of Irrigation projects under the Participated Irrigation Management Programme (P.I.M.) has also been introduced through the formation and registration of Water Users' Association (W.U.A.) in 150 projects out of 266 completed projects and the rest are also being motivated to form and register W.U.A. in the respective projects. A Cabinet Memorandum has been approved by the Cabinet during Nov. 2008 on implementation of Participatory Irrigation Management in the State by which maintenance, operation and distribution of Irrigation water in completed Irrigation projects be handed over to the duly registered W.U.A..