The Water Resources Department shall have the following functions namely:-

  • All activities relating to survey and investigation, planning, construction, establishment, implementation, management and monitoring of Minor and Medium irrigation projects and schemes.
  • Technical guidance and advisory services to Departments and agencies of the Government of Meghalaya in respect of provision of minor and field level irrigation services including lift and flow irrigation as well as drip irrigation.
  • Command Area Development and support to land based Departments of the Government of Meghalaya for production and cultivation planning and implementation activities in command areas developed by the Department of Water Resources.
  • Development and promotion of participatory Irrigation Management and support to the activities of Water User Associations in the rural sector.
  • Capacity building of Engineering, technical and professional staff and personnel of the Water Resources Department and the Department of Agriculture and related agencies in the areas of water conservation management and utilization for agriculture.
  • Coordination of hydrological and ground water resources assessments for the state of Meghalaya.
  • Evolution of medium and short term perspective on water conservation, management and utilization for the state of Meghalaya.
  • Assessment of ground and surface water potential for Irrigation and other uses.