Services and Expectations

List of Services

The following are the services provided at The Office of The Superintending Engineer(Irri) Shillong Circle :-

  • Giving approval and specific direction to the District Offices for conducting Investigation report and preliminary survey on the Schemes/Projects applied by the Member of the public/ farmers within the jurisdiction of the Shillong Circle.
  • Forwarding of Schemes and Estimates Report to the higher authority which are submitted by the District Offices after scrutinizing and approval were given to them.
  • Floating of Tenders and Selection of the right Tenderer for those member of the public already registered with the Government for value of works above Rs. 1.00 lakhs up to 4.00 lakhs.
  • Giving approval to Estimate under construction Head which consist of new construction, repair works, renovation works etc. of Office buildings, Officers and Staff quarters, Godowns etc. of the Department of Agriculture for value of works up to Rs. 4.00 lakhs.

Expectation of The Office from the Public

  • On the part of the public authority, first and foremost, expects the member of the public especially from the farmer community not to hesitate to come forward and seek the Office's assistance in providing irrigation facilities to them when ever is needed.
  • The Office also expect the public support and full co-operation in execution of its various schemes and Programmes after sanctioned of the same has been obtained.
  • The Office looks forward to public's participation to fully utilize the potential provided through the functioning of the completed schemes and projects etc.
  • Each schemes/project etc, after it's implementation should have its own Water Users Association (W.U.As) formed mainly by those member of the public benefiting from such programs or schemes. These W.U.As will served as the caretaker and should look after the welfare and grievances of the farmers for each respective Schemes or Projects.
  • The member of the public especially the farmers who are benefiting from the completed schemes which have been implemented by the Office are expected to look after the well-being of the projects, manage and maintain the same to a certain extend to assure smooth functioning of such projects.
  • Any suggestions and advices from any member of the Public are mostly welcomed by the Office for enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency.